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Founded by seasoned experts whose experience at large financial institutions taught them that fixed income funds can deliver better returns, while also preserving wealth, YTM Capital set out to remove the barrier between capital preservation and compelling yields.

Having managed significant capital for the country’s largest banks, our leadership group launched YTM Capital with an unrelenting commitment to bring certainty to risk and volatility. We like to think we trade in peace of mind.

In fact, our partners proved their thesis by starting with their own capital, as well as that of their families and friends. To this day, we manage and grow the assets entrusted to us with the same care and scrutiny we apply to our own holdings.

It’s not just your money, it’s ours too.


Founding Partner, Portfolio Manager 


Partner, Advisor


Awards and Accolades

YTM Capital has consistently won awards for success in driving returns and managing risk. When we win, our clients win.

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Sharing the Wealth

Our giving focus is on Canadian youth, namely Adam’s Apples Foundation,  Lighthouse and TIRF Rugby. Please take the time to learn more about the important work these organizations are doing in their communities.

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